"Digital Transformation for Business Excellence in the Covid-19 Era"

Professor Georgios I. Doukidis

Director of ELTRUN: The E-Business Research Center
Department of Management Science and Technology
Athens University of Economics and Business


The presentation will be on digital transformation and how different types of large enterprises managed to respond quickly and successfully to the challenges of the Covid crisis by utilizing in an organized way digital technologies as part of their corporate strategy.

Based on our experience with various digital transformation projects in the last five years, we have developed a digital transformation framework that analyses the way that enterprises are transforming customer experience, business processes and business value proposition in alignment with their business strategy. These four main pillars of transformation are analysed in growth stages as part of their digital maturity progress.

Using this framework, four different enterprises (an international cement company, a large retailer, an innovative lifts manufacturer, a leading bank) will be presented on how by using their digital transformation maturity they managed to respond quickly and successfully to the Covid-19 crisis. Their digital route will be presented in various stages on the digital transformation canvas, in order to understand how different and not related, from the first sight, systems/applications/technologies are linked within an integrated strategic plan.