Privacy and Data Protection Policy

BALCOR2020 (implying the Chairs and the Organizing Committee) follows the current regulations and the appropriate procedures in the privacy and data protection. Your personal data will only be used by the conference organizers for the purposes identified below, following the General Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR) and ensuring the confidentiality and integrity the data.

BALCOR 2020 is responsible for the processing of the personal data of the conference participants database, following the terms of the data protection legislation in force in the European Union (GDPR).

The personal data collected by the BALCOR 2020 may include your name, email address, telephone number, address, list of publications, your photo or your video, among others.

All conference’s participants personal data are stored on the protected servers of the BALCOR2020, being accessed and used exclusively under our declared policies.

BALCOR2020 does not share the personal data provided by its participants with any other entity, without previous permission.

BALCOR2020 is responsible for implementing all necessary security measures to help protect and maintain the security, integrity, and availability of your personal information.

BALCOR2020 is responsible (together with its service providers) for making every effort to implement and maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect its participants’ personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection requirements (apart from the known fact that data transmission over the internet or website cannot guarantee complete security w.r.t. intrusions).

BALCOR2020 is responsible for the continuous monitoring of access to information technology systems, in order to detect and prevent misuse of personal data.

BALCOR2020 stores your data only for the period in which the purpose of the conference is valid.

Whenever BALCOR2020 needs to use its participants’ data in any report or study that may be externally distributed, the data will be anonymized.

Whenever a participant decides to leave BALCOR2020, his/her personal data will be completely removed from our databases. This means that the person will no longer be contacted nor will receive further communications from BALCOR2020.

BALCOR2020 will not disclose any E-mail address from Conference Participants, apart from the given contact data published in the papers, produced by the participant-authors.

By the time of the Registration, the participant will agree (or not) on having his name and the name of his Institution appearing in the list of participants to be distributed among the attendees only.

By the time of the Registration, the participant will agree (or not) on having pictures and/or videos that he/she appears (taken during the conference) being published on the homepage of the BALCOR2020 conference.